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Welcome to the Eigenvector Research Documentation Wiki! These documents contain the user guides and reference manuals for various Eigenvector Research software products. A live version of this documentation is available on-line from the Eigenvector website. In addition, a static copy of this documentation is shipped with many of our software products.

Our software is used across a wide range of industries for a wide range of applications. As a result, we recognize that our audience is very diverse and is not all served by the same help content. Please review the Software User Guide for information about installing and getting started using our products. The Function Reference Manual contains information which is mostly specific to our flagship PLS_Toolbox product but users may find the information contained in these pages useful when working with our other products.

If you have questions or comments, please contact us at our helpdesk e-mail address

Eigenvector Research Software Documentation

All Products: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

PLS_Toolbox / Solo

MIA_Toolbox / Solo+MIA


DataSet Object

Predictor and Model Deployment Products


Model_Exporter / Solo+Model_Exporter

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